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Call for applications for the position of EAEVE Secretary
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Veterinary Educational Researcher's Handbook 
The handbook was created in a wide international collaboration, with the aim to support research on teaching, learning and education in the veterinary field.
Available at https://edarxiv.org/dn6e2/

(Biosecurity Enhanced Through Training Evaluation and Raising Awareness)
Call for colleagues involved in biosecurity on livestock farms
Please visit the BETTER site and the CA20103 site

ECCVT DT&AI WG Final Report 

ECCVT press-release about Digital Technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence (DT&AI)


Erasmus+ VetRepos project

A shared item repository for progress testing in European veterinary schools

open abstract

In Memoriam

Prof. Dr. Rıfkı Hazıroğlu, founder and the first president of VEDEK and good friend of EAEVE passed away on 31 May 2024. 
We extend our deeply felt condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.
VEDEK in memoriam

Upcoming Meetings

CIQA meeting

Coordinators' meeting

ECOVE meeting
10 December 2024

ExCom meeting
2 October 2024
10 December 2024

General Assembly & Educational Day
12-13 June 2025, Dublin
2026, Barcelona


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Public consultation on a renewed Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education in the European Union

Education and Training requirements for veterinarians in Laboratory animal science and medicine (LASM)

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