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False diplomas of undergraduate students


Members of EAEVE have informed us that some undergraduate students use false diplomas/certificates to try to access the master degree in European veterinary establishments. It is therefore recommended to check carefully all incoming documents and, in case of doubt, to contact the “editor” of the documents before admitting these students.



Call for applications


Full time position as Professor in the rank of assistant professor in the field of small animal cardiology (FVM Ghent University, Belgium)

Application by 7 March 2017

Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe (VETCEE)

Upcoming Meetings


CIQA meeting
16 May 2017, London

Coordinators` meeting 
16 May 2017, London

ECOVE meeting 
17 May 2017, London

ExCom meeting 
17 May 2017, London

General Assembly 
18-19 May 2017, London
2018, Hannover

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Committee on Internal Quality Assessment (CIQA)

CIQA Rules of Operation


Members of the CIQA

Prof. Dr. Petr Horin - CHAIR

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Institute of Genetics
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Palackého 1/3
612 42 Brno
Czech Republic

Prof. Dr. László Fodor

Faculty of Veterinary Science Budapest
Szent Istvan University

2103 Gödöllö
Páter Károly utca 1

Dr. Ilse-Maria Gyimóthy-Willmann

University of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinärplatz 1
1210 Vienna

Prof. Dr. Marc Vandevelde


Prof. Monica Forni

Department of Veterinary Medical Science
Alma Mater Studiorum -University of Bologna

Via Tolara di sopra, 50
40064 Ozzano Emilia - Bologna